Building our own gym and other sporting goodness…

I believe that it’s only through being creative that different members reveal their talents and skills in life. Successful people tend not to give up until they reach their destination. They have to train and improve their bodies and minds to reach where they want to go. Throughout their lives, they try different practical skills to develop their talents and skills so that in the end they will make it.

Developing talents:

No individual is born a professional but it’s the environment that shapes him or her become so.

For example if a mechanic is given chance to explain how he/she became that, they could have started making wire vehicles out of spokes or fixing the doors in their home.

We believe that sports is a great way for a child to build their resilience and strengthen their mental health, especially the children who are coming out of addiction.

We encourage them to try both individual and team games such as running, volleyball, football and hope through these they will discover their talents and find happiness in their lives.

Making our own gym:

Some of the children were even more creative and asked that “Uncle why don’t we make our own gym?” Now you might think a gym is too expensive for S.A.L.V.E. to consider since there are too many children needing services to leave the streets. So we had to use our imagination and make our own gym equipment.

To make weights for developing strengh and muslces we did the following. We took two containers (paint) and drilled a hole in them to put in a strong rod. From there we poured in conrete to make it strong, connected and a good weight to carry. You can create different sizes of weight from different sizes of container.  In addition to that, a simple timber bench and holder is also made to help the person get balance when stretching the muscles by resting the gym weight above the chest and getting balance of the legs as seen in the picture.

We are so happy that our gym is in good use and the children even want to add in more items in the future.

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