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You can help children in Uganda go to school by contributing to our Education Fund?

Are you passionate about helping children go to school and realise their dreams? Do you want to support street connected children to get an education and help to turn their lives around?

If you choose to give to our Education Fund, the money that you donate will be used to help whichever child(ren) are in greatest need at the time. Often the children left waiting for educational sponsors are those who perhaps need more expensive support such as boarding school sponsorship or vocational training, or are the older children we work with.

By kindly giving to our Education Fund you allow us to assess the needs of all the children we have waiting for support and spend your donation helping the children who need it most.

It costs between £20 – £50 a month to send a child in Uganda to school. This cost varies depending on the child’s level of education (primary or secondary), as well as the type of school they attend (day or boarding school) or if they are in vocational training.

To contribute to our Education Fund we ask for a minimum donation of £20 a month. This is the equivalent of sending one, primary level child to day school. Giving more of course helps more children! We have over 60 children that currently need support to return to education and so every penny really does count.

If you would like to support children in Uganda but want to spend less than £20 a month, please consider becoming a regular giver and choose the donation amount you feel comfortable with or make a one-off donation. Alternatively if you feel you would like a connection with an individual child, why not consider becoming a child sponsor?

Want to know more?

Please download our Education Fund information pack or, if you have any questions, contact us and we’d love to talk through the best option for you.

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