Meet Aleke*

Aleke is 17 years old. When he was only twelve, he began having problems with his stepmother. Due to poverty at home, she refused to feed him, saving the food for her own children instead.

Things got worse as she would blame him for any problems at home, leading to him being beaten by his father. As this continued and became worse, he began to think about running away to find somewhere safer.

Aleke ended up on the streets of Jinja, where he lived for four full years. He made friends with the other young boys and joined them in selling scrap metal and plastic bottles for a little money to survive.

Our social workers got to know Aleke through street walks and at our Drop in Centre, but it took a long time for him to trust them as he did not want to go home to his father’s place where he thought life would be just as bad as it was before he left. After lots of counselling and support from the S.A.L.V.E. team at the Drop in Centre, we began searching for his mother who he hoped he could live with rather than his father and stepmother. Luckily, we found her and he is now happy to be back at home with her.

As he only reached primary four due to a lack of money for school fees before, he has decided he would like to train to become a mechanic. We have decided to enrol Aleke into our educational sponsorship programme to give him the opportunity to achieve this dream. Aleke is excited to be able to learn a skill that will help him support his mother and his grandmother one day in the future.

Could you sponsor Aleke for 40 pounds a month and give him the chance to create a brighter future full of opportunities?

Please get in touch with for more information.

*Aleke’s name has been changed in this public space in line with out child protection policy.