On your marks, Get set, Cook for S.A.L.V.E.

How about challenging your friends to an ‘On your marks, Get Set, Cook for S.A.L.V.E.’ challenge?

This is a chance to have a great laugh with friends, test your cooking skills and raise some money for S.A.L.V.E. so we can help more children leave the streets.

Warning: This challenge is not recommended for those who don’t like their kitchen’s getting messy!

How it works

  • Each pair brings along a bag of random ingredients worth £5. These should then be swapped around the group so that each pair cooks with ingredients provided by someone else.
  • Split the groups into pairs and have them each make their own dish using the ingredients provided.
  • Each pair gets 20 minutes in the kitchen to prepare their dish. It must be tested after 20 minutes and they cannot be given extra time.
  • The amount of pairs you have cooking at one time will depends on the size of your kitchen so think about timings before the night.
  • You can be the only judge, or invite another friend along to help you judge. Mark each person’s dish out of 10 and award the winner with their very own Ready Steady Cook (For S.A.L.V.E.) certificate and a bottle of wine or box of chocolates.
  • Ask for a donation of £10 to S.A.L.V.E. from each person (it’s all for a good cause!). Then transfer the money to S.A.L.V.E. We can give you details of how to do this.

If you think this sounds like a fun way of raising money, then download our information pack here for more details or contact us on info@salveinternational.org for more information. We are more than happy to help with any questions you may have and would love to hear from you.

Please do let us know if you decide to run a Supper for S.A.L.V.E. event so that we can support you (and we would love to see some pictures of what you create!).