Support and Love via Education: It’s in the name

Nelson Mandela said, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

We agree. We believe that being curious and open to learning is crucial if we want to make a long lasting change in the lives of children living on the street.

So we invite you to join us and learn more, through using our educational resources or reading our research.

Educational Resources

Education is at the heart of S.A.L.V.E.’s work. As well as striving to get children off the streets and back into education in Uganda, we want to help people all over the world understand the realities faced by children living on the street.

Children living on the street are often ignored, silenced and abused but with your help we can equip more people with the knowledge they need to help fight for a better future for children everywhere.

That’s why we’ve launched our Education Resources Hub filled with free teaching resources, classroom tools and schools activity packs and we’d love for you and your school to get involved! These packs are written with the UK curriculum in mind but can be adapted and used all over the world.


Carrying out research means that we are continuously looking to deepen our understanding and knowledge so that we can improve our programmes and ensure that more children are able to stop calling the street their home.

We have focussed a lot of our recent research on the issue of drug addiction for children on the streets and how we could offer the best rehabilitation service possible to help them recover.

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