Never give up

Hi, everyone, this is Leah a community volunteer under S.A.L.V.E. International–Uganda. This time round we shall be talking about survival and that is not giving up on what you are doing no matter what knocks you down.

I want to talk with you about survival and that is needs you not giving up on what you are doing, no matter what knocks you down.

Difficulties in Life

Life is always hard when everything gets to feel it is tight and against you. You might have a break up from your husband or wife, you might lose your job, you might have your things stolen or get a bad sickness. It can seem like you can no longer live or hold on for any other minute. Everyone has the best dream to live upon but sometimes they are knocked down and things do not work out the way they are planned. Giving up results from, lack of self-belief, lack of desire for the set goal, lack of commitment, being rigid, lack of persistence, having negative friends, rushing in decision making, when defeat manifests and other obstacles.

Everyone has their own dreams to live towards, but sometimes they are knocked down and things do not work out the way they are planned or hoped for. Giving up results from; a lack of self-belief, a lack of desire to work for the set goal, being rigid and not flexible to circumstances, lack of persistence, having negative friends/ family, rushing in decision making when defeat manifests, not seeking counsel of others who can help and other obstacles.

Despite all this, it does not matter what happens to us that makes a difference, it is rather how we react on what happens to us that will determine where we will end up. Well, there are tough times for all of us, but the difficulties which we face need to help to make us more determined to achieve our objectives and to win against all the expectations.

Family Empowerment

We believe in the power of family empowerment to help struggling families to be able to care for themselves economically and make better plans for their future to be able to achieve their dreams. They are determined to work hard to see that they survive. If something blocks one route, they find another, focus on living a better life since they got an opportunity to be supported, never do they stop trying. They

We help them to learn from their past experience, for example needing basic needs but when they cannot access. They believe in themselves and got to know that today is hard, tomorrow might be worse but the day after tomorrow can be bright if they put in their efforts and create a strong support network for themselves. They have set big dreams and this makes them powerful and courageous to move forward.

Giving up in life is not the solution to the challenges faced. When knocked down, be positive, reflect on what happened, rise and continue towards your goal.

We still have many children living on the streets of Jinja, Uganda. Thanks to S.A.L.V.E.’s efforts they are home traced to see that they get a chance of getting back to families as any other child, and also feel that love that other children feel. As this is done, the parents or care givers should never give up on anything to see that their children enjoy the benefits of a loving home and being provided in their basic needs.  They, the parents/caregivers, need to carry on every day out of their determination to help their family succeed.

Thanks to your support we are able to offer this care for the families to help them to learn business skills, be more resilient and to never give up on themselves or their dear children.

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