The missing animal from the Nature Reserve

Once upon a time in a Nature Reserve, there were many animals living together. They had many things in common because of being creatures on the earth.

Suddenly the National Park Manager was heard to say, “Oh no, oh no, Neighbour help me. Have you ever seen my best animal around? They are lost.” The manager was weeping so bitterly without sound. “I have really lost this Animal and I don’t know where to get it oh help me!”

The manager searched and searched and finally the tenth Neighbour  asked him to describe what his  favourite animal looks like.

The manager replied, “Anyone can be attracted to it. You only need your openness and willingness for it is free of charge. It’s soundless, yet anyone can hears joy when it is near. It’s size is very portable and handy that you can share with everyone around you and it makes a difference. By name my Animal is called Love.”

We all need love:

Love is the animal everybody is looking for and as a result many people have left their real Homes, country and families looking for pure love that brings healing in the life of an individual.

You and me need love in order to be stable and no one on the face of this earth can stand to say he or she does not need love. Love bonds you to your Family, spouse, friends and workmates.

Love, Love, Love, where are you so that we can use you to change the hearts of the corrupt people, especially some of the Leaders in our society? It’s because people do not have enough love, that is why there is a high level of corruption and many criminal offenses. They share their lack of love with others around them.

Where are you so that the children on the streets can find their home the best place to stay? Oh love, you do not take record of what wrongs we do, but you see our future. Love please come back in our communities once again so that there can be unity and peace. Teach all families to love and care for each other.

It is when love comes back to the Nature Reserve, that my name will change from Street child to sweet child, From Drug abuser to Decision Influencer, from Dirty to Dreamer and from Reject to Inspire.

Thank you for helping us to share love with children and the communities around us here in Uganda. Let’s all try to show more love to our fellows, and together we shall see there is no street called home, now or in the future.


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