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Can you help spread some birthday cheer to children in our Educational Support programme?

For a child to be chosen for our Educational Support programme it means their family does not have the money to be able to pay for their education. They are therefore also unlikely to have the money to buy them birthday gifts. We therefore like to ensure they receive a gift on their special day.

We ask that any educational sponsor who is able to give a gift, might make a donation here and then send a letter or card in the post. A letter or card is much less likely to go missing in the post than a physical present that is sent.

Then we will pool the money given that month to buy gifts for all the children in our Educational Support programme who have a birthday at that time, so no child misses out.

For their birthday gifts, we ask the children which gift they would most like and go with them to buy it locally in Uganda. This is because they rarely get to choose anything for themselves and they really value this opportunity to pick something special for themselves.

For those sponsors who kindly give to our fund we will share with you what your sponsored child(ren) picks.


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