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Would you like the chance of winning £100 every month while helping to feed children on the streets in Uganda? Of course you would!

Play our Lottery for Change and, for just £3 a month, you will be entered into our monthly prize draw. £3 will feed a child on the streets of Uganda nutritious lunches for a whole week at one of our Drop In Centres
You can enter into our Lottery for Change as many times as you want. The more lottery tickets you buy the better odds you have of winning and importantly you will be feeding more children who are living or working on the streets.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today! Help children on the streets in Uganda and also give yourself the chance to win big!

A simple illustrative diagram to show how the Lottery works. The first text box reads 'You pay £3 a month to join (the same price as a cup of coffee). The second text book reads 'This means we can feed on child living on the streets of Uganda for a week'. The last textbox reads 'The lottery is drawn on the 1st of each month and your name will be entered to win £100. Accompanying these textboxs are 3 images of happy children


  1. You must be aged 16 or over to join this lottery.
  2. All tickets cost £3
  3. This lottery is being run by S.A.L.V.E. International in the UK as a small society lottery.
  4. You may purchase as many tickets (at £3 each) as you like and you will be entered into each monthly lottery draw equivalent times to the number of tickets you have.
  5. All tickets purchased will be assigned a number. These numbers will be entered into a random number generator by someone who doesn’t have access to the list of names and numbers.
  6. There will be one prize of £100 per month. The draw will take place on 1st of the month. Winners will be notified by email.
  7. You can cancel your lottery membership at any time.
  8. If you win your name/ number will not be entered for the month directly after you enter. But will be placed back into the draw one month later. This is to stop someone from winning for two consecutive months.


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