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S.A.L.V.E. International works in a variety of ways to reduce the number of children having to live on the streets of Uganda, which all have education at the heart of them.

Street Outreach

a worker walks on the street with 2 children

Our Street Outreach Programme helps us build strong trusting relationships with the children living on the streets through Street Walks, Sports and our Drop In Centre.

Halfway Homes

child on a bed in halfway home

Our Halfway Homes offer a place of love and learning for the children as they leave the streets to help them prepare to be resettled home with their relatives.

Home Tracing

Samuel and family

Our programme of Home Tracing and family resettlement allows us to try to find the best solution to help children to permanently leave the streets and settle in a caring family home.

Drug Rehabilitation

Boys carrying a sign reading 'Drugs are bad to our lives'.

Our  Drug Rehabilitation Programme supports children who are addicted to drugs to overcome their addiction, gain vital skills and become drug educators for their peers.

Family Business Empowerment

Business empowerment picture of stall

Our Family Skills and Business Empowerment programme helps families of resettled children start up their own businesses so that they can support their children and reduce the risk of them returning to the street due to poverty.

Research and Partnerships

research header

Our Research, Community Education and Partnership work helps to reduce the number of children who will come to the streets in the first place and challenges negative attitudes towards children on the streets.

Briquette Social Enterprise

volunteer holding a briquette

Our Briquette Social Enterprise offers skills training for the young people undergoing rehabilitation at S.A.L.V.E. as well as generating a small income to support our work so that we can help more children leave the streets.


Banana trees

Our Permaculture programme teaches the children and young people who are staying at our land sustainable farming techniques as well as providing permaculture training for vulnerable rural families of street connected children.

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