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“News From the Streets” is Jinja’s first ever newspaper written by children on the streets.

It is published each year in April at the International Day for Street Children celebrations.

2024 Edition

2023 Edition

News From The Streets 2024

2024 English version

Lugandan News From The Streets 2024

2024 Luganda version

News from the Streets English version 2023 (1)

2023 English version

News from the Streets Luganda version 2023 (1)

2023 Luganda version

2022 Edition

2021 Edition

News from the Street

2022 English version

News From the Streets 2022 - Lugunda

2022 Luganda version

News from the streets english

2021 English version

News from the streets Luganda

2021 Luganda version

2020 Edition

2019 Edition


2020 English version

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2020 Luganda version

English front

2019 English version

Luganda front

2019 Luganda version

2018 Edition

2017 Edition

2018 paper english

2018 English version

2018 paper uganda

2018 Luganda version

2017 English version

2017 English version

2017 Luganda version

2017 Luganda version

What makes “News from the Streets” special?

Many of the misunderstandings and tensions between children on the streets and their local communities stem from a lack of communication and cooperation. The children report that they are frequently beaten and perceived as idle, criminal and a nuisance by community members.

‘News from the Streets’, is published to give the children a chance to share their views on the realities of life on the streets. The newspaper showcases a wealth of poetry, journalism and story-telling, created by children who are currently or were formerly on the streets of Jinja.

The children often talk about how much they would like to overcome the public’s misconceptions and bad feelings about them, and work with the authorities and community to improve the streets.  By creating their own newspaper, the children have been able to demonstrate their commitment to creating positive change in the community.

‘News from the Streets’ has been printed in Luganda and English, and given to the public free of charge by children throughout Jinja town.

If you would like to gain more insight into the lives of these children, and see the street solutions that they suggest, you can read ‘News from the Streets’ online. Please also share this special newspaper far and wide, so that as many people as possible get to hear what the children have to say.

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