Inequality Question

Are you curious about inequality?

Join our globally curious conversation about what inequality means, led by children who are/ have lived on the streets of Uganda.

Join the Inequality Debate

We share a question of the month and invite you to join the inequality conversation.

We will share lesson plans for children and conversation cafe guides for adults to help you to take the conversation offline and explore the themes in more depth.

Take on an Inequality Challenge

One particular topic may spark your interest to go on to challenge yourself (and others) by taking on an Inequality Challenge for a week to expand the conversation and create change.

Some challenge ideas include:

  • Giving up your Identity
  • Living on £1 or $1.50 a day for all food and drink
  • Having someone of the opposite gender make all you decisions for you
  • Walking 6km for water (the same distance that is average for women across the world)
  • Living only on the kindness of others
  • Treating everyone with equal kindness as if they were your famil

Learn more about these ideas and others you could try here.

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