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Are you curious about inequality?

Join our globally curious conversation about what inequality means and the impact it has, led by children who are living/have lived on the streets of Uganda.

What is the Inequality Question?

The Inequality Question is an online debate which is focused around a question on inequality. Schools, colleges and community groups have the opportunity to engage with street connected children in Jinja via our online forum. Using Padlet software, both sides can contribute their thoughts, ideas and opinions and engage in a debate on a current issue. 

The Inequality Question used to run on a monthly basis but this has now changed to allow groups to have more in depth engagement with the children on a specific topic. Please see previous examples of debates here.

A child works on a laptop at a school

Why take part?

The Inequality Question is a great forum to share opinions around current topics of inequality, learning more about others’ views and cultures. 

This is a unique learning tool for schools and colleges and links in with many of our Educational Resources for teachers. The debate forum is a way of encouraging students to engage with global issues. The inequality topics discussed can fit in with human geography, PSHE/citizenship and English syllabuses.

When and how?

The debate needs to take place in the morning / by early afternoon so that we can allow for time differences with Uganda. We suggest that the debate runs for between 1 – 1.5 hours. We use the online forum Padlet to facilitate our debates.

In return for facilitating the debate we ask for a voluntary donation that will further our work with street connected children and cover the costs of running the session.

Another option would be to fundraise for us, empowering the students/community group members to also learn about fundraising and the impact it can have.

How to get involved?

If you would like to engage in our Inequality Question, please contact us and we can talk you through the next steps. We will need to agree what topic will be discussed and whether this links in with our other lessons plans and Educational Resources.

We will also agree the timings and logistics for the debate together.

Get in touch to organise an Inequality Question

Using Padlet

We use Padlet as the platform for our online debate. It couldn’t be easier to get involved, but if you want to find out more about how to use Padlet then please check out our handy guide.

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