We really appreciate your help and support.

Any donation makes a huge difference and goes straight to where it is needed most.

Donating today is easy and will provide life-changing opportunities to children living on the streets of Uganda. Together we can make sure there is “No Street Called Home”.

Giving monthly: As a small charity, this is the best possible support you can offer us. It means we are always ready to respond, no matter what the emergency – for example with medical care, prison support or grief counselling.

£ 20

Could provide a child who was living on the streets with two nights of safety including a bed, care and food for two days.


£ 38

Could pay for one resettlement visit for a street connected child to return to a safe family home and have a brighter future


£ 80

Could support a primary school child who was living on the streets and missed out on education to go to day school for one term.


£ Your choice

A gift of your choice will have a huge impact. We appreciate any amount you are able to give, no matter how big or small.


£ 7

Each month you could buy some vegetable seeds for children to plant on S.A.L.V.E.’s farm – teaching skills and helping to provide food for the children to eat. 


£ 16

Each month you could pay to treat a child who is sick with malaria or typhoid to get the medication and care they need to become healthy again.


£ 35

Each month you could pay for a child to get a school uniform and a pair of shoes so they can go to school and realise their dreams of an education.


£ Your choice

Every month your gift will have a huge impact. We appreciate any amount you are able to give to let us respond to emergencies when it’s needed most.


If you prefer to give by cheque or charity voucher, please send to:

S.A.L.V.E. International

102 Chorley Road




Leaving a bequest in your will can help create a lasting legacy.

You can support medical care for children on the streets when they need it most, an education programme to expand horizons or a project that reunites families and creates sustainable income generating businesses.

If you would like more information about leaving a life changing legacy to S.A.L.V.E. please contact:

Another great way to change children’s lives is to support their education.

You help us to make sure that a child who was living on the streets gets the opportunity of an education to build their knowledge and skills to make their future bright.

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