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This lesson pack offers a series of 3 x 60-minute lessons designed to help develop pupils’ English skills while exploring the issue of children living on the streets worldwide. The lesson plans include a wide range of sources (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, novel extracts, first hand accounts) that all explore the theme of children living on the streets. Each pupil will require a sources booklet.

This lesson is designed to develop the skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing that pupils will need to participate in society and employment. The dynamic range of activities within the lessons will help pupils learn to: express themselves creatively and imaginatively; communicate with others confidently and effectively; engage with ideas and texts; and appreciate how meaning is shaped in different types of literature.

Lesson 1: 60 mins

Lesson 2: 60 mins

Age range: 11-16

Keywords: source work, discussions, critical thinking, inference

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Download lesson plan (Doc)

Download lesson plan (PDF)

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Download source pack (PDF)

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