Education is at the heart of S.A.L.V.E.’s work. As well as striving to get children off the streets and back into education in Uganda, we want to help people all over the world understand the issue of children living on the street.

Children living on the street are often ignored, silenced and abused but with your help we can equip more people with the knowledge they need to help fight for a better future for children everywhere.

That’s why we’ve launched our Education Hub filled with free teaching resources, classroom tools and schools activity packs and we’d love for you and your school to get involved!

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  • Age 11-16: Numeracy

Profit and loss

Home » Educational Resources » Numeracy This lesson uses word and situational problems to engage students in mathematics for ‘real life’. It helps students to develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills, and focuses on finding profits. Students will also be able to understand how to put on their own fundraising event successfully. 55 mins Age...

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