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Can we create a world where no-one is living on the streets?

This month the question discussed was ‘Can we create a world where no-one is living on the streets?’. The discussion had 69 interesting comments and it was viewed over 850 times! We had a range of opinions, some were optimistic and hoped for change, others weren’t sure it will ever be possible to end homelessness….

Some thought it could be possible…

“Yes but only if there is both sufficient accommodation made available and that accommodation is safe to live in. Several people who are homeless in the UK are on the street because they fear the intimidation and bullying they have experienced living in homeless hostels. So the question is complex.” – Ross, UK

“Yes if we built more houses for them or share our empty houses. No one should live outside in the cold.” – Grace, UK

“Yes because if the rich  people who can share their  belongings to the poor or those who dont howe then chances are that few or no children shall be seen on streets” – Bayat, Uganda

Others didn’t think it could ever be possible…

“No we cant. Some people like the streets and we shouldnt make them leave if they dont want to” – Henry

“No we cannot create a world with no one living on street because of the following factor, high levels of group influence among young youths. This can easily force them to be negatively influenced, hence going to the streets.” – Ponnyfaridahass, Uganda

“Early marriage among young  people who drop out from school may also end up making on the number of people on streets.” – Hasifah, Uganda

This month we also had pupils from Woodhaven School join the discussion! Here are some of their great contributions:

“I think yes because human beings have done many wonderful things like create aeroplanes and made electricity. I think this is what we should make all the really brainy people work on. This and climate change so we all survive to have a future.”

“No because there have always been people living outside since when people began. Some people used to live in caves which is similar to living under a bridge or other shelter on the streets. Maybe some people like sleeping outside more than inside.”

“No because the politicians are not interested in solving it. They are interested in making money instead.”

“Yes we can. I would be willing to share my bedroom with my sister so they could have her room. If more people shared then we could make sure everyone was warm and dry and safe at night.”

“Yes if we show them we love them and they don’t need to be ashamed of being homeless. Sometimes people feel ashamed and it makes them not want to get help. But bad things happen to everyone. If there was a war any of us might be homeless tomorrow.”

Others brought out further interesting questions:

“If the solution to homelessness is enough housing and enough support – the question then is who should provide and fund this housing and support? Is this for governments or for charities to provide or a partnership of the two?” – Deborah, UK

“Now that it is winter I really hope this can be the case. What I don’t understand is why cold countries provide extra support only in the bad weather. Why do we not care about people all of the year?” – Greta, Holland

It was great to have both adults and children from across the world join in the discussion this month! The variety of responses was really interesting as were some of the ideas brought out about how we could reduce homelessness. We also enjoyed having a live debate in Uganda with students from Hampton School.

Hopefully, we can get even more contributions from all over the world to compare with those in Uganda next month. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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