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How can we prevent bullying in society?

This month the discussion was themed around the question ‘How can we prevent bullying in society?’. The discussion had 87 comments and it was viewed over 345 times! We received various thoughts, some of them were optimistic and looking forward for change, others doubted that it would ever be possible to prevent bullying…

Some thought bullying could be prevented…

We can help bullies to understand how they hurt others. Then they might not bully them. (Pupil from Woodhaven School)

I think we need to think about why people bully others. Sometimes it’s that they’ve been bullied themselves. So if we could all just stop and think a bit more before we act the world could be a kinder place. (Sasha, US)

We can prevent bullying in society by respecting one another. (Hasifa, Uganda)

We can prevent bullying in society by making sure that we follow the good words given to us by our parents. i.e. good discipline starts at home. (Robert, Uganda)

Through providing enough security to people we can prevent bullying in society. (James, Uganda)

Providing well-equipped professional services to provide children that may become bullies due to personal insecurities / abuse from home, to alleviate the need for these children to release their frustration and anger on others. (Sophie)

Some argued that it is unlikely to be prevented…

We can’t prevent it. Some people just like to bully others. That is life. You have to find ways to cope with it. (Garry, UK)

I don’t think we can stop bullying. I think it has always happened and will always happen. (Pupil from Woodhaven School)

Some brought out further thoughts, such as the reason behind bullying…

Not liking yourself very much/not feeling liked so you soothe yourself by looking to control others/hurt their feelings.

A lack of self-regulation (being able to control your self), so you bully others to get what you want now.

Wanting to have power and wealth without thought for others.

Support is not available or not available consistently to ensure change for the better. E.g. emotional support to like yourself, feel comfortable with others and delay rewards until you can get them without bullying others, laws introduced and upheld where necessary, and a social climate where bullying is not acceptable.

This month, there were many different responses, from people in the UK, Uganda, and the US. It was great to have people from around the world sharing their ideas in the discussion. We hope to have more people sharing their thoughts in the discussion next month. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and we look forward to your participation next time!


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