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Climate Change: How do we create a sustainable future?

The Inequality Question for this month was: Which adaptation measures need to be taken NOW to cope with climate change to ensure a sustainable future for us all?. Responses flooded in from around the globe sharing some interesting insights on how we could and should act.

The participants of the discussion shared many similar great ideas on how the global community could create a sustainable future. These included banning single-use plastic, planting more trees and moving towards renewable energy sources and greener transportation options.

Let’s dive deeper into some of the great ideas that were generated…

Government Influence

A lot of people agreed that more pressure was needed to be put on the government to promote climate-friendly policies and stop investing in climate damaging industries:

“We need to make our governments take it seriously as an issue and stop investing money in dirty industries like oil and coal.” – Henry, UK.

“Governments need to stop giving tax breaks to billionaire companies and use this money to combat climate change.” – Cici, UK

“Setting up strict laws on poaching so as to avoid extinction of some species of wildlife.” – Sarah, Uganda.

“We can take individual actions but the thing that needs to change is the government and the big businesses. Where they lead the people will follow. So they need to take our future seriously and we all need to campaign so this is the case.” – Peter, Germany

Single-Use Plastic

Some believed that a key problem to be tackled was the consumption of single-use plastic. Many people held the view that single-use plastic needed to be banned:

“We should all use less plastic. Plastic gets everywhere and harms the environment. Many animals get caught in it and die.” – Sandra

“We need to stop using so much plastic. Single waste items in general are terrible for the environment.” – School students, UK


A popular belief in the debate was that more trees needed to be planted to counteract the negative impacts of deforestation. Deforestation was an issue that many wanted to be reversed.

“Places where deforestation has taken place, we should ensure trees and plants are replanted there making sure that we replant the amount that has been destroyed. Also, look for places where trees can be planted.” – School Students, UK

“Planting trees at home and at school. Trees provide shade, hold the soil, clean the air and can later be used for wood. Planting alone is not enough, the young trees need to be catered for.” – Bena, Uganda

Petrol Vs Electric Cars

Many participants wanted petrol cars to be banned and for electric cars to be cheaper and thus more affordable.

“An adaptation that I think needs to be taken now, is to stop using petrol and diesel cars and only use electric because then there will be a lot less pollution into the environment and it will improve the air quality.” – School students, UK

Switching to electric cars would be a great way to stop polluting the air and stopping the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.” – School students, UK

In conclusion…

This month’s inequality question contained a lot of thought-provoking answers on various approaches to sustainably cope with climate change and why it is important. Thank you to those who shared their view! This discussion is a great way to engage with global issues and discuss and share ideas with people around the world.

We look forward to seeing your thoughts in the discussion next month. Thank you again for sharing your opinions and we look forward to hearing from you next time!

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