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Don’t you dare!

This poem was written by Santi, one of our Halfway Home assistants. This beautiful piece of writing from the perspective of a child living on the streets, and the stereotypes they face. She wrote this based on her support and care for hundreds of children who have lived on the streets over the years she has worked with us and listened to their stories about their lives on the streets.

Don’t you dare!

I have a bright future
I have feelings too
I see whatever is going on around me
I hear whatever you say about me
I sometimes don’t agree with your decisions about me
I have fears and sometime anxious,
Fearful of what you might do to me
Do not take me for granted

I have dreams too 
I will see my ambitions becoming real
I can do all that you and,
Sometimes better than you!
I am an achiever
I can learn faster
I may get to your position in some time
Do not underestimate me
I’m not a criminal
I’m not always responsible for your lost things
Many times am innocent
I watch many crimes from a distance
I’m pitiful of those being hurt by gangs
I’m not always intoxicated
I’m some times tidy
Do not blackmail me
Sometimes I’m on your side
I can make good decisions
I’m a leader
I may lead you to the wrong people
I can start things,
Things that are successful
I can provide some solutions
Do not resist me
I feel ill when you beat me up
When you laugh at my torn clothes am embarrassed
Why do you throw things at me? 
As if I’m a dog?
I hate being served last
I love to have books, pencils and crayons too,
To enable me have an education
Do not insult me
I detest poor behaviour
Do not expose me 
I fear the consequences of crime
Respect my privacy
Keep your ill manners to your self
I want to be treated like a child,
To be nursed and pampered like one
Do not spoil me

There’s a limit to the work I can bear
I’m not a machine
I get tired too
I desire to have a rest, 
A day time nap
Oh that I would wake up late in the morning,
To a sweet sunrise still by my bed
Do not overload me

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  1. Carole Gregory
    Aug, 22, 2020

    Santiago,this is a moving poem,I have been amongst Street Children in Kampala and I know and understand most of what you have to face each day and night. I have visited groups of Street Children at night.
    You are all brave to survive out there. You have expresed your feelings and those of other Street Children brilliantly.
    Well done, Congratulations.

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