Helping Doesn’t Always Mean Money

Many people prefer to receive something than to give, as they often are worried about the amount of money they have. However, one of the young people we work with, Blessing, believes that one doesn’t need a lot of money to have a positive impact on a child.

This is what she said…

Not only money is needed to change someone’s life – it could be time and a piece of advice that you offer to them. You should try to be a voice for the voiceless in your community, as this can sometimes be more valuable than money. Talk to them, listen to them, advise them and give encouragement.

In most cases, when somebody tells the other that they will help them, the one to be helped will think about a material item or money that they may give them. Yet someone may have just a few words of advice to help another get out of an emotional downfall or stress.

I remember when I dropped out of school in Primary 3. It was a piece of advice from someone who was working with S.A.L.V.E. International which made me compose myself and develop a positive attitude towards school. They explained to me why studying was so important. When I rejoined and started doing well in school, these words empowered me.

If that advice had not been given to me and I didn’t know why I needed to study, money would not do much good. Because money does not talk and could not offer me time, caring and advice.

Don’t fail to help someone because you don’t have money – it’s not the only solution to every obstacle in life. Share whatever you have; be that money, clothes, time, skills or a listening ear and caring about someone and their problems.

Think big, and be a voice together with the voiceless in your community.

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