How can we ensure all people are being the best person they can be?

This month’s debate was ‘How can we ensure all people are being the best person they can be?’. The debate received lots of interest with 486 views and 109 replies! There were a variety of opinions brought out and lots of suggestion for how we ourselves can be better people and how we can help others to be the best person they can be. The responses ranged from giving advice and support to people, to providing services to leaving people to improve themselves. 

Some people think that it is best to give support and be kind to those who need it:

“It is really good to give advise but not to make decisions for someone” – Mubiru, Uganda

“We have to be their for our friends and loved ones to offer support and help when they ask for it but also being there when they might not realise they need help. Being the best person you can be may not always about working hard and acheiving but just being their for someone and caring” – Daniel, UK

“If people consult from those people who are successful for example asking them how they did it they can learn and do the same” – X, Uganda

“By treating others how you would like to be treated yourself . If more people had empathy for others situations” – Dawn, UK

 “If someone is bad give them advice on how to change. If they wont listen try to act as a role model so they admire you” – Erisa, Uganda

“Take people with you in public if they are fearful and help them learn to be confident” – Erisa, Uganda

Others thought we should be more active with our help:

“I think we can ensure that people are being the best person by trusting and being open to each other and by helping others “- Mana, Japan

“I agree that volunteering is a great way to be a better you – giving back to others also gives back to yourself. We should all try it” – Sasha

 “For me I think volunteering, learning, being creative, giving each other help and support in our communities. These are ways to grow ourselves to be better versions of ourselves” – Daphne, USA

Some respondents thought that providing education and equal opportunities could help people to be the best person they can:

“Getting a quality education. If people are taught skills like mechanics they can contribute to society” – Ivan, Uganda

“Giving equal opportunities to people for instance health care, freedom of expression, etc , rendering support to the most vulnerable people to enable them to access the basic needs that they didnt have in the first place” – Alfred Ochaya

“If people acquire skills like in mechanics, carpentry, they can at the end support others such even them also get the same knowledge and skills hence supporting the community in development” – Mubiru, Uganda

A few people thought that giving those who need it confidence and allowing them to express themselves would enable them to be the best version of themselves:

“By giving them the chance to express their views and feelings freely with out discrimination” – Denis, Uganda

“People should be brave enough and confident enough in themselves and express themselves about what they want to be” – Sekate, Ugandas

Finally, some people thought that people should help themselves to be their best, but sometimes with extra support:

“Individuals have to decide for themselves to be the best person they can be. They can be supported and encouraged by others” – Jane

“People should be hard working in order to achieve their goals. It helps if they get an education” – Joel, Uganda

 “People need to make their own decisions, come to their own conclusions and follow their own paths” – Daniel, UK 

Overall, there was a huge variety of ideas shared from around the world in this month’s debate. It was great to see the diversity between simply giving advice to changing services available in society. Hopefully, everyone involved in the debate will take action on their suggestions to improve themselves and others around them! Lastly, I’d like to finish with a comment on the debate left for the children from Debs, UK, who said:

“Too many interesting answers. You are inspirational children helping me to want to be a better person. Don’t give up”

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