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How can we make sure that all parents take proper care of their children?

This month’s inequality discussion was about the question, “How can we make sure that all parents take proper care of their children?”

The discussion had 101 interesting comments and it was viewed more than 300 times (so far)! We received a variety of opinions; some pointed out the significance of education, some wanted harsher laws and punishments, and some emphasised the responsibility of both parents and children.

Is education the answer?

Parents should be offered classes on how to be a good parent if they are identified as not taking good care of their children. These classes should be run by the government. (Pupil from Woodhaven School)

Parents should be counseled and guided on how to handle children especially those in the adolescence stage. (Diana Dinah, Uganda)

I’d say having widely available, publicly funded support for parents during pregnancy (e.g. info on how to look after children, the importance of the role of the parent) should help provide guidance and raise any concerns that could be identified early on. (Euan, UK)

My thoughts are that if a woman is well supported and not stressed/worried when she has her baby then her attachment will be strong and then when life gets harder with more pressures she is more likely to do the best she can… this is why dads have also a very important role. (Carol, UK)

There were some interesting ideas about where the parents could get this education from:

Yes, I agree. However, how can parents get access to the lessons? (Wen-Ching, UK)

Maybe the children should be the ones to lead the parenting skills training? (Nicola, UK)

The government should provide classes for the parent. (Florence, UK)

They can access them from the local leaders and some organizations that exist within the community. (Philip, Uganda)

Some comments focused on children’s rights

Parents can take proper care of their children by providing them with basic needs. (Florence, Uganda)

Through providing necessities of life to children like food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education, etc. (Kisakye, Uganda)

Some mentioned that parents should spend more time with their children…

Parents should take time to nurture properly their children and this can be done through sparing some time with the children sharing about their future dreams and results of being good children in a family and a community at large. (Robert, Uganda)

Parents should give proper advice to their children through counseling and sharing experience i.e. encouraging children to respect them and also each other. (Clare, Uganda)

Parents should then talk to their children and understand how they feel as they grow up. Understanding what children actually think is often overlooked. (Euan, UK)

Most parents don’t have time for their children because of being too busy with work, they should have time to play and talk with their children, the bond will be there between parents and children once there is time allocated for the children. (Alfred, Uganda)

There were a lot of different and interesting ideas shared

If parents don’t take good care of their children then the children should be taken away and given to better parents. (Pupil from Woodhaven School)

I think respect for our elders is very important and often forgotten by children in today’s society. Both the parent and the child have responsibilities. (Kitzo, Japan)

In conclusion

A big thank you for everyone who participated in this month’s inequality question discussion. It was inspiring to see different opinions from around the world. You can read all the comments here.

The children in our Drop In Centre are passionate about sharing their thoughts with people of different ages and backgrounds, and they hope to receive your comments in the discussion next month.

Thanks again for sharing your ideas and we look forward to your participation next month!

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