Is equality for women and girls possible?

This months inequality question chosen by the children in Uganda was Is equality for women and girls possible?

The debate received 69 responses and was viewed by 528 people! This allowed for a really interesting debate especially with this month having both International Womens Day and Mother’s Day!

Many people were positive about women and girls achieving equality in the future but some were less sure if it would be possible. Others saw potential for equality to be achieved but only if certain changes are made in society. 

Those who believe equality for women and girls is possible said:

“I believe it is possible if everyone is educated and willing to make changes to ensure everyone has equal opportunities. As women and girls are able to show people all around the world that they are just as capable as men, societies will transform and be fairer for all– Chloe

Yes because they are also human beings– Elvis, Uganda

Yes because there are some women who are doing work for men like driving n building and working with men which is good so it can be– Must, Uganda

The trajectory of womens rights indicates that we are on the path towards equality, as long as progress remains consistant and morale stays high.– Matt

Yes, because all gender given chance can do what the other can do. Only that one party may just lack skills in a particular field but given chance of training, they can all be equal– Tabitha, Uganda

Those who didnt believe equality could be achieved said:

There is no such thing as equality between 2 different things. Men and women are different and so will never be equal but can be valued for their differences and what they bring to the world.– Henry

Its not possible because men under look women so much– Joshua, Uganda

No because women always have different things and mind sets so its had to have equality because of their mind– Joseph, Uganda

Although some had straightforward views about equality, others thought that progress could depend on changes to society. These changes included attitudes towards women, better education, mens involvement in the fight for equality and a reduction in violence towards women and girls.

Yes it is possible! But I think that everyone needs to get involved – but it is not only a women’s fight. Men have a key role to play in challenging inequalities and changing attitudes– Megan

I think its not impossible but in some cases its little bit difficult. For example, in terms of rights, women can get equal rights to be educated, work and get married….. However, to be equality needs not only rights but also environment, all of peoples mind or attitude. Even if  women has equal right to men, men sometimes dont permit womens thinking or feeling when womens thought is different from mens ones.– Baba


Sincerely speaking equality in women and girls would be possible and easy if every one went to school. Its quite very hard to explain this to some one who never went to school and never thought of sharing responsibilities home. So I believe we all have along way to go to drive to the responsible people– Steve, Uganda

One respondent set out a To Do list of changes that should be made in order for equality for women and girls to be possible. She said:

It seems impossible until it is done. We can absolutely have equality! To do list: tackle patriarchy, address privilege, apply intersectionality, eradicate violence against women+girls & actually think of women as humans.– VeroNika 


Overall, the debate brought out a range of opinions on the issue of womens and girls equality. It seems that there is work to be done for complete equality to be achieved but history shows that we are making progress.

Maybe using the suggestions made in the debate we will move closer to achieving equality, whilst overcoming the hinderances brought out by those who dont believe equality for women and girls is possible. Hopefully, everyone involved in the debate learnt something new and enjoyed being part of the conversation.

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