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Partnering with Girl Power USA

At the International Day for Street Children on 12th April 2024 we were delighted to partner with Girl Power USA. Girl Power USA provided free healthcare to 150 street connected children as part of the event to celebrate this important day. 

Girl Power USA is a non-profit organisation based in the US but with a commitment to support underserved communities in Africa and Asia. They achieve delivering sustainable impact by partnering with local organisations and we were thrilled to have the chance to work with them for such an important day in our calendar.

Our IDSC 2024 event

At the International Day for Street Children event, hundreds of children held a procession through the streets of Jinja, ending at the Kakindu stadium. This was a fun day for the children but also served the very important role of raising awareness of children who live and work on the streets both in Jinja, and all over the world. 

As an organisation that believes no child should ever have to live or work on the streets, we use this day to help elevate the voices of the children.

Children marching in a procession for the International Day for Street Children 2024

Healthcare and children on the streets

Children on the streets often have no, or very limited access to healthcare. This puts them at risk of diseases such as malaria or typhoid, infections from simple cuts and grazes, contracting pneumonia as well a whole host of serious health issues. A lack of vaccinations and then access to basic medicines means children on the streets are also prone to common childhood health complaints such as fevers, conjunctivitis and threadworm. 

For most, accessing simple pain relief or a clean dressing for a wound is out of reach.

That’s why it was so wonderful to be able to partner with Girl Power USA at this event and to help support the community of children on the streets. Offering treatment, advice and medications where necessary was a great step towards giving children on the streets the same basic rights as children in other parts of the world.

A partnership for the future

The partnership between S.A.L.V.E. and Girl Power USA symbolises our collective commitment to creating a better future for children on the streets, offering hope and empowerment for a better tomorrow. Thank you, Girl Power USA, we’re very much looking forward to what we can do next! 

Want to know more about the life-changing work that Girl Power USA does? Visit their website: https://girlpowerusa.org/

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