Asuman Necklace


This lovely necklace is made of seeds which have been dyed to vibrant different colours using local plants.

Sizes: Medium and Long

Colours: Pink, Purple, Green and Blue

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These necklaces have been made by Kyakatonda women’s group that we have helped to found in Mafubira (Eastern Uganda). This is a very poor community and we are working to increase training and income opportunities in the area in an effort to reduce the number of children running away to the streets due to abject poverty.

All the women in the group who have made this jewellery were earning less than £10 a month before joining the group to learn to make jewellery.

The money you spend on this jewellery will be split – with the majority going to the women who made it and the rest going as a donation to further S.A.L.V.E.s work in Uganda.

Because all our jewellery is handmade every item is unique and no two items are exactly alike.

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Green, Purple Medium, Pink Medium, Purple Long, Green Long, Blue, Pink Long


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