The Outcast

This is the story of Godwin* who left home to live on the streets aged 12. He previously lived in a village with his parents and siblings and was a happy carefree child. His father began working far away and left his mother to look after all the children. When he was away, Godwin’s brothers began bullying him and calling him names because he was the youngest. He felt like an outcast in the family and would stay out late because he felt unloved. He began stealing which caused problems within the family and his brothers threatened to beat him. Therefore Godwin decided to run away to the streets to find a better, more caring environment to live in.

Looking for a place to call home

Godwin’s first trip to the streets didn’t last long. He decided to return home but he was a changed person. He refused to do chores, wouldn’t socialise with anyone, the stealing increased and he became hostile as he still felt like an outcast. So Godwin decided to go to Jinja city with a friend who assured him he would find a better life there where he would be independent and could make money.

When they reached the city, Godwin initially thought his life had improve but he soon realised that conditions living on the street were tough and dangerous.  He dreamed of being rescued by his parents, but he did not have enough money for the 3 day journey back to his village. In his despair he began using drugs and stealing to survive, all the time feeling forced into this difficult situation at such a young age.

An emotional reunion

Godwin had begun to lose hope when he thankfully was found by S.A.L.V.E. International staff who encouraged him to start attending the Drop in Centre. He later moved to the S.A.L.V.E. residential site where he received counselling, medication, clothing and food. The staff arranged for him and his father to have family counselling and his father explained how much everybody in the family missed him and that they thought he had been sacrificed. Both Godwin and his father became very emotional, crying with joy at the reunion and Godwin is now eager to be resettled with his family again. He truly appreciates the education and support that S.A.L.V.E. has given him and hopes that it will continue to provide love and care to more children like him in the future.

*Name changed in line with our Child Protection Policy

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