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Will it ever be possible to end hunger so that everyone has enough to eat?

This month our inequality question focused on world hunger: “Will it ever be possible to end hunger so that everyone has enough to eat?”

The discussion had 85 very interesting comments and it was viewed over 350 times (so far)!

We had a wide range of opinions, with some people believing it is definitely possible, and others unsure. We also had quite a few comments on the impact of climate change on world hunger.

Check out some of the responses below!

Some thought it could be possible

“Yes if the government supports every house hold with seeds to boost their agriculture. Hunger will be no more in families and people will have enough food.”

“I want to say yes since there is enough food in the world at the moment. It’s the food system that is the problem.”

“I think it’s possible but not probable. To achieve this we would need to invest properly in reducing our climate change effect and in sustainable farming practice. We would also need to change the global food system which allows so much waste in some places while there are huge levels of hunger in other places.”

“Yes if there is good planning by community members hunger can be handled.”

“There is enough food in the world to feed every single person alive, so why do people still go hungry? If all countries shared their surplus foods with neighbours who needed it rather than keeping hold of it to try and make a profit that’d be a good start.”

Others disagreed and didnt think it would ever be possible

“No – it can never be ended but it can be reduced through government policies and prioritising people over profits.”

“No because I think climate change is going to make it worse not better for people.”

“I think we must have enough money and technology in the world to end it and make sure everyone has enough to eat, however I think it would require an overhaul of society as we know it and it would be hard logistically. I think in the world we live in there will always be inequality but this can be reduced.”

“No because people have destroyed the environment by cutting down trees thus affecting the climate. As a result of this, it has led to changes in seasons of the year thus affecting agriculture in Uganda and other Countries.”

Others brought out further interesting questions and comments

“There is talk a lot about the government and that it is for them to solve and fix things. But what if you don’t trust your government to do this? What can we do as a community if we don’t trust our politicians?”

“I’d like to hope so. We shouldn’t have hunger in this country but we do and food banks are very popular. I used to give out foodbank vouchers. I can say some people that use food banks are trying to get something free – we had quite a few. But there are many worthy people. The saddest thing is we have food waste.”

“I think currently capitalism doesn’t allow for solving hunger as this would reduce profits and therefore isn’t in the interests of capitalists. Also, demand for imported foods in Western countries hasn’t allowed for climate change and the impact climate change is having on farmers and producers worldwide.”

This month we also had some students at Woodhaven School join in our debate!

Here’s what they had to say…

“There would be enough food if we all went vegetarian. When we eat meat we have to grow food for the animals and it takes up more space.”

“We have food banks to try to get people enough to eat but it can make people ashamed to go there to get food and they don’t always get the food they like most.”

“If people were prepared to share then I think there could be enough. But some people take too much and others have too little.”

In conclusion

Thank you to everyone who took part in this month’s debate; it was so interesting seeing the range in people’s opinions on hunger from all over the world.

The children in our drop-in centre love getting involved with the Inequality Question, and hopefully next month we will have even more comments from many different countries to spark up another lively debate!

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