A Love Found All Over the World

Eddy is a playful boy of 14.*

He lives with his mother, siblings and step father, but his life has not been easy. I met him 6 month ago at S.A.L.V.E. International’s Halfway Home. We got on well, and I saw he was a friendly, inquisitive and hardworking boy.

Despite the fact that he is a very bright and kind boy, his life at home has been so difficult. About 10 years ago, Eddy’s parents divorced, so he grew up with his single mother. He has not experienced the love and life of growing up in a happy family with both parents together.

Eddy’s mother really struggled to provide food and other basic needs for her children, was overpowered by stress and resorted to drinking alcohol which she quickly became addicted to. Since she was not employed, she could hardly afford meals for her children, which made them move around the neighbourhood and streets to look for money for food.

Eddy’s mother has a large family to care for – not only her own children but also those of her sister who sadly passed away in a road traffic accident who was also a single mother.

Joining the streets

Due to that hard life, Eddy joined the streets of Jinja to be able to get food and ensure the survival of his other younger siblings. He felt responsible for them. Even though his mother could not take care of them at home, Eddy’s love for her has never changed. She is still that one person in his life that he will never leave or forget, though he has come a long way struggling to be the person he is today.

A mother’s love can be found all over the world in different countries and cultures. It is unique and so strong that no hardship or barrier can ever fully break it. I was touched when I witnessed how much love can stand when I took Eddy home for the holidays to go and be with his mother, what I saw moved my heart so much because of the love shared between these two people. The expression of love and happiness all mixed up in one moment is what covered the atmosphere there that evening. As soon as Eddy saw his mother, he ran to her with the biggest hug and smile.

Eddy and his mother have their special attachment despite the fact that he lost his biological father 10 years ago and he had to become like an adult in the family to help to care for the young ones. He is a very resilient boy. Thanks to S.A.L.V.E., for the last 6 years after he left the streets and was resettled home, Eddy has been able to get an education, enough food to eat, and a better life. He can now go back and meet his mother, stepfather and siblings with a smile on his face and happiness that he is working on his future, and believes that he will be able to change the path of his family through his education.

*Eddy’s name has been changed here in line with our child protection policy.

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